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E-ALERT – July 21, 2014
Don’t FRACK St. Tammany!

We hope you have noticed the billboard in Convington on Hwy 190 and on Interstate 10 near Slidell. LEAN, with the support of Sassafrass, has been able to amplify the community message of many concerned residents of St. Tammany Parish. If we are working to build healthy and sustainable communities, the communities must be allowed to have a say in what goes on in their community. Residents must be able to have a say in what their precious water resources can be used for; in what is allowed in the air they breath and what is inflicted upon the ground under their feet. We are proud to support the residents of St. Tammany in their efforts to protect their community.
Please lend your voice to this effort by contacting the St. Tammany Parish Council and letting them know you support the rights of residents to dictate what risks they will tolerate in their own community.
Contact the Parish Council and tell them: Don’t FRACK St. Tammany!
Send an email to:
Call the Parish office:
or send a letter:
St Tammany Parish Council Chambers and Offices
21490 Koop Dr.
Mandeville, LA 70471
Hydraulic fracturing poses real, documented impacts to health, environment and quality of life. LEAN supports the residents of St. Tammany in saying NO to hydraulic fracturing in their community.

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