Colorado Ocean Coalition: “Making Waves” Ocean Symposium Saturday, September 21, 2013


Making WAVES is honored to host this free, public symposium to address a variety of climate/ ocean topics, marine protected areas, plastics and environmental impacts, plus agricultural and watershed connections. This community-focused, interactive event will offer plenty of opportunities for you to learn about how our oceans are affected and what we all can do to protect and preserve our oceans.


Location:    University of Colorado at Boulder University Memorial Center
Time:          8:00AM – 5:30PM
Tickets:      FREE


What Will I Learn?


Between informative keynote presentations, topic-specific panels and interactive “dive-in” sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of ocean issues, including:


        * Savvy travel: Eco-tourism and adventure travel


        * How to be a “responsible” traveler


        * What it is like to be a submarine pilot


        * How fossil fuels impacts oceans and inland water sources


        * Aquaculture and sustainable seafood – What Seafood can I eat?


        * How Plastic Pollution effects oceans and animals


        * How the Inland Ocean Movement partners to protect oceans


        * MoreŠ



Confirmed Speakers


View a list of confirmed Symposium speakers and speaker bios here.


        * Fabien Cousteau, Diver and Founder of Plant a Fish


        * Richard Charter, Senior Fellow, The Ocean Foundation


        * David Guggenheim, President, Ocean Doctor


        * Holly Lohuis, Field Producer, Exec. Coordinator for Jean-Michel Cousteau


        * Mark Spalding, President, The Ocean Foundation


        * Stephanie Tobor, Founder, Green Apple Supply


        * Jim Toomey, “Sherman’s Lagoon Cartoonist and Ocean Advocate


        * Richard Theiss, RTSea Media


        * Gregg Treinish, Executive Director of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation


        * Erika Bergman, Submersible Pilot, ExploreOcean


        * Dennis Long, Executive Director, Monterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation


        * Sonja Fordham, President, Shark Advocates International


        * John Armor, Deputy Director, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries



Check out Making Waves 2012 Speaker videos


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Co-sponsored by Colorado Ocean Coalition and Colorado Scuba Retailers Association.
Special thanks to Richard Charter.
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