Coral-list: Caribbean Marine Ecology Camp for high schoolers, CCMI Little Cayman

Hello coral-listers,

We hope the spring is finding you well. The Central Caribbean Marine Institute is offering a summer camp opportunity on marine biology and coral reefs in the Cayman Islands that some of your high school aged students or children may be interested in.

Our Caribbean Marine Ecology Camp is intended for high school students ages 14 to 18 with a desire to explore and learn about the marine world. The week-long course is for either divers and non-divers, and most of the time is spent outside in our ocean classroom. Camp is both fun and educational, and students at the end of the week will be able to identify many common Caribbean fish species, as well as becoming versed in reef ecology and threats. Working alongside our staff researchers gives students a chance to learn about the daily life of a marine scientist, see our coral nursery, and dissect invasive lionfish, all while exploring a tropical island and healthy Caribbean reef.

The coral reefs surrounding our facility on Little Cayman are among the best in the Caribbean thanks to our isolated location in the Caribbean Sea. The diversity of marine life together with 150ft.+ underwater visibility and towering wall dives make Little Cayman an ideal place to conduct research, educate, and instil the love of the ocean from a young age. A low population and low development on island has led to low levels of anthropogenic reef degradation on Little, while the Cayman infrastructure makes life, travel, and diving safe and comfortable.

You can find out more information about our program at Please forward this email to any parents or teachers that you know who may be interested, or to any high school science or guidance department in your community. Any questions can be directed to Tom Quigley at

Also see this video showcasing the CMEC program and the diving on Little Cayman:

We hope to see some of your young Jacques Cousteaus at the Caribbean Marine Ecology Camp!

Thomas Quigley
Education and Programme Coordinator
Central Caribbean Marine Institute
Little Cayman Research Centre
Phone: (345) 948 1094
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Ellen Prager’s new book The Shark Whisperer–middle grade fiction– now available online

I’m thrilled to report that the first book, The Shark Whisperer, in my new middle grade fiction series (Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians) is now available online and at or through national booksellers near you (Scarletta Press publisher).

The book(s) combine humor and adventure with learning about the ocean, marine life, habitats, and ocean issues. It is meant to be a fun, easy read and in the back there is a note about what is real, what is not, and a link to an accompanying website with additional resources, a blog, puzzle, related events, and more (

Of course with my background coral reefs play a major role in the books, and in the first book…you also get ooids, stromatolites, standing waves, lots of cool sea creatures, issues of shark finning, coral reef destruction, and hopefully plenty of fun! The second book takes on marine pollution as a strong focus.

So far the early response (all ages) has been great. I recently visited with Manatee Middle School 7th graders and here are some quotes from cards I just received from the students:
“When you first started reading the book, I was hooked in the beginning. When you stopped reading the beginning , I’m just like NOOOOO, keep reading!!!!” I love the book.”
“I just started reading and can’t put the book down. … can’t wait for the second book.”
“I like it so much. I read the Shark Whisperer every night when my big brother close the lights I put a bookmark then go to sleep.”
“Your book is on the top 10 list of my favorite books.”

And here’s one that make me especially happy that with the help of sponsors we were able to give students books.
“I really enjoyed it (the field trip to Rookery Bay and presentation). Thank you for the book. I’m really grateful for it because now I own my first book ever.”

You can also read about The Shark Whisperer at
And keep your eyes out for me and a spot on The Today Show, scheduled for late next week (though it is tv, so that could change).

There’s often an outcry on this listserv about better informing the public and reaching out to mass audiences. This is my latest endeavor in trying to do that in a way that combines science and entertainment, and leads to people of all ages wanting to know more and being more concerned about related issues. Hope it works!

Dr. Ellen Prager
Earth2Ocean, Inc

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Coral-list: Live Streaming Video of Coral Spawning in the Caymans

Dear Coral-List,

I wrote last month about the opportunity to see live-streaming footage of a coral spawning event near Grand Cayman Island via an underwater camera system maintained by the student-based nonprofit Teens4Oceans, local dive center Ocean Frontiers, online marine education organization Ocean Classrooms, and imaging company Wild Goose Imaging. We only witnessed minimal spawning last month, and are happy to share with you that an Orbicella (Montastrea) annularis colony in our viewing area began spawning around 10:07 PM CST last night and we have captured the event on our camera. We had over 3,000 viewers on our website for the show and they spawned right on time!

It is likely the coral will spawn again tonight at 9:15pm-ish MST (10:15pm-ish local time in Grand Cayman), and you can view it along with us, live, at

To see footage from last night’s spawning event, watch this video clip, with the action starting around 1:57

Erin Sams


Erin Sams, M. En.
Program Manager,
Boulder, CO

Coral List: Coralwatch releases educational DVD series including Shifted Baselines

Dear Colleagues

CoralWatch recently released an education DVD series, adapted from our book, Coral Reefs and Climate Change.  This series incorporates 22 short videos (3-8 minutes), each focusing on a key aspect of oceanography, coral reef ecology, climate change science, and reef conservation. Animated diagrams, interviews with scientists and footage from around the globe help to communicate the latest science to diverse audiences.

We have just uploaded the episode on Shifted  Baselines to be freely available on youtube.

Feel free to share with colleagues or use this in your teaching activities.

If you would like to order the full DVD, or find out more about CoralWatch, please visit our website, or email


Dr Angela Dean I Project Manager (Monitoring & Research) – CoralWatch I The University of Queensland l Phone: +61 7 3365 3127 l Fax +61 7 3346 6301 l Email