Oceana: Miranda Cosgrove Swims with Dolphins in New Oceana PSA. Despicable Me and iCarly actress urges government to protect dolphins from seismic testing

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 March 5, 2014
Contact: Jessica Wiseman
Photos of Cosgrove swimming with dolphins
Video PSA
image004 2376.jpg 2Washington, DC – Today, Oceana released its latest public service announcement (PSA) starring actress, singer and ocean lover, Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly and Despicable Me. Oceana and Cosgrove traveled to South Bimini in the Bahamas to film a PSA that highlights the need to protect dolphins and other marine life from the threat of seismic airgun blasts in the Atlantic Ocean.
“When I first entered the water, the dolphins were playing with each other, swimming side by side, and they were constantly singing to each other – I could hear it! After a while they started to approach me and I could feel them look me in the eye. It was one of the best experiences of my life” commented Cosgrove. “Swimming with wild dolphins made it so clear that these intelligent and social animals need their use of sound to survive, and I’m so happy to be working with Oceana to protect them.”
Dolphins are highly social and intelligent animals that depend on sound to communicate, eat, reproduce, socialize and live. But their song is threatened by seismic airgun testing, a form of oil and gas exploration that amounts to repetitive dynamite-like blasts in the ocean. These blasts are 100,000 times more intense than the sound emitted from a jet engine and occur every 10 seconds for days to weeks on end. This constant disturbance threatens dolphins, fish, and other marine life along the Atlantic Coast.
Just last week, the United States government released a final proposal that would open an area twice the size of California (from Delaware to Florida) to seismic airgun testing, as a first step to dirty and dangerous offshore drilling.  By the government’s own estimates, seismic airgun testing on the East Coast could injure as many as 138,500 dolphins and whales and disrupt their vital behaviors like feeding, mating and communicating more than 13.5 million times.
“With the help of supporters like Miranda Cosgrove, we can stop destructive practices like seismic testing and protect marine life, like dolphins, all around the world,” said Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless. “As the largest international organization focused solely on protecting our oceans, Oceana is best suited to achieve these kinds of policy victories the oceans need to ensure they remain abundant and productive for future generations.”
There is hope – we can stop unnecessary and damaging seismic airgun testing from occurring and protect dolphins, whales and other sea life. Join @Oceana and @MirandaCosgrove and please share this important PSA with #dolphinsong to @BarackObama and tell him to protect dolphins and whales in the Atlantic Ocean, and to stop seismic airgun testing before it starts.
Watch the 30 second video PSA and photos of Miranda Cosgrove swimming with dolphins and take action at http://act.oceana.org/sign/stopseismic/
Oceana is the largest international advocacy group working solely to protect the world’s oceans. Oceana wins policy victories for the oceans using science-based campaigns. Since 2001, we have protected over 1.2 million square miles of ocean and innumerable sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and other sea creatures. More than 600,000 supporters have already joined Oceana. Global in scope, Oceana has offices in North, South and Central America and Europe. To learn more, please visit www.oceana.org.

Ocean.org: Seismic Blasting Educational Forums in Sept. and Oct. on East Coast

The oil and gas industry is working to turn an area off the East Coast, twice the size of California, into a blast zone – potentially killing or injuring more than 138,000 dolphins and whales, threatening the health of regional fisheries and risking the jobs of more than 200,000 people.
The Obama Administration will soon decide whether to allow oil companies to take the first step in expanding offshore drilling to the East Coast by permitting a controversial method of deep-water oil & gas exploration known as seismic airgun testing.
Join Oceana, Clean Ocean Action, Sandy Hook Sea Life Foundation, and Sierra Club New Jersey for an educational forum on September 16 (6-8pm) at Monmouth University: learn more about how this destructive practice will affect our oceans and what you can do to stop it.
Headlining the event will be Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ-06), who will kick off the forum with introductory remarks.  Oceana’s ocean advocate, Nancy Sopko, and Clean Ocean Action’s Executive Director, Cindy Zipf, will be speaking on the expert panel, as well as Dr. Jessica Coakley from the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, and other professionals in the fields of marine mammal acoustics and fisheries management.
If you or someone you know is interested in speaking on the panel, particularly in regard to potential marine mammal impacts, please contact Nancy Pyne, Oceana’s National Climate & Energy Campaign Organizer- npyne@oceana.org.
Together we can prevent seismic blasting, save 138,000 dolphins and whales and stop East Coast drilling before it starts. See you on Monday, 9/16!
Nancy Sopko
Ocean Advocate
OCEANA | Protecting the World’s Oceans
1350 Connecticut Ave. NW, 5th Floor | Washington, DC 20036 USA
Oceana is holding a series of events and educational forums up and down the East Coast in September and October to raise awareness of the dangers of the proposed seismic airgun testing in the Atlantic.  As promised, here is a list of the events we’ve confirmed so far.  Please distribute this list far and wide so that we can maximize attendance at these events and forums.
9/16/2013            6pm – 8pm                          West Long Branch, New Jersey  Monmouth University (Young Auditorium, Mollie Bey Hall)
9/19/2013            7pm – 9pm                          Virginia Beach, VA                           Virginia Aquarium
9/19/2013            12:30pm – 1:30pm            Silver Spring, MD                              Veteran’s Plaza
9/21/2013            1pm – 2pm                          Washington, DC                                Eastern Market (by the Metro)
9/24/2013            6pm – 8pm                          Fort Fisher, NC                                  North Carolina Aquarium
9/25/2013            6pm – 8pm                          Charleston, SC                                   College of Charleston
9/26/2013            6pm – 8pm                          Savannah, GA                                    Savannah State University
9/30/2013            6pm – 8:30pm                   Jacksonville, FL                                  University of North Florida
10/3/2013            7pm – 9pm                          Miami, FL                                             University of Miami – RSMAS campus
10/15/2013         7pm – 9pm                          Fairfax, VA                                          George Mason University (Fairfax)
10/16/2013         6pm – 8pm                          Newark, Delaware                          University of Delaware or Dupont Environmental Education Center in Wilmington
If you would like to participate in any of these upcoming events, please contact our national organizer Nancy Pyne (npyne@oceana.org).
Nancy Sopko
Ocean Advocate
OCEANA | Protecting the World’s Oceans
1350 Connecticut Ave. NW, 5th Floor | Washington, DC 20036 USA