Luiz Rodrigues

Luiz Rodrigues is an incredible person.  I first met him when we first started Reef Relief.  He lived in Key West and provided one of the most important educational tools Reef Relief has.  While a student at Florida Keys Community College,  Luiz wrote the Introduction to the Coral Reef Ecosystem, the first document we provided to local educators and others to learn about coral reefs.  It is proudly featured in the Educational Resources section of this website.  But that was just the beginning.

Luiz moved to South Beach and in 1994 he founded the Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach, a major force in the effort to improve the shoreline and nearshore waters of Miami Beach.  He has worked tirelessly and continues to make a HUGE difference for that community. 

ECOMB, as it is called, is dedicated to the promotion of environmental sustainability and the preservation of South Florida’s ecology. The mission is achieved by reducing the amount of litter in Miami-Dade County’s beaches, waterways, islands, parks and mangroves; increasing the county’s residential and commercial recycling rates; and promoting the protection of coastal habitats, such as sandy beaches, near shore coral reefs, beach dunes, mangroves, and Biscayne Bay islands and waters.  Under Luiz’s leadership, ECOMB works to decrease the community’s carbon footprint through the adoption of “green” lifestyle practices that are more environmentally sustainable.  Luiz has personally adopted an ultra green lifestyle and is an inspiration to everyone around him.  His natural friendliness, optimism and brilliance has achieved wonders.

By forming strategic partnerships both with local, state, and national non-profits, businesses, schools and government agencies, ECOMB is able to organize various community cleanup projects, conduct environmental seminars, and promote sustainable behaviors, practices and initiatives. Through personal sacrifice, Luiz has enabled the organization to achieve so much.

Luis–you are a true inspiration to anyone who wonders what one person can do!

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