Links to Additional Coral Reef Resources

Bob Weisberg, Yonggang Liu, and Lianyuan Zheng in collaboration with Chuanmin Hu are providing oil spill trajectory forecasts both at the surface and subsurface using a variety of models and observations. Visit the Ocean Circulation Group webpage at the link above to view the trajectory forecasts.  Plus lots of access to research and information.  Great site!

Great site on offshore oil in Florida

Sign their petition to stop offshore oil drilling

How Many Days since the BP Blow-Out?  Click below to find out.


A marine conservation organization based out of Tallahassee, FL.

Earth Platform

a great environmental search platform

The Sponge Guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about Caribbean sponges 


An incredible resource on coral reefs

The report provides strategies to motivate changes in thinking and behavior on global warming communications.

a great site all about the ocean

Coral Bones

Will tropical coral reefs be the first ecosystem to be eliminated by climate change?

a great blog on coral reef issues

Coral Reef

WWW Sites

a listing of the leading coral reef conservation organizations

Great resource on oceanic marinelife.

Interesting site; one section documents the impacts of war on the environment

Global Warming Resources–including some great books and a list of orgs from the Step it Up Action


     Ocean World by the Jason Project                                                              

Wonderful site on all things oceanic…

a great site for children to learn about coral reefs and marinelife

World Ocean Observatory:


great site featuring a blog by Richard Charter, our hero in the fight against offshore oil… and

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