Coral-List: Nova Southeastern University Report on Coral Spawning 2013

Hello all,
After the full moon in July, August, and September, researchers in 7 regions of the Caribbean (Mexico, Curacao, Belize, St. Thomas, Florida, Flower Gardens, Columbia) monitoring 9 coral species (A. cervicornis, A. palmata, A.. prolifera, Diploria/Pseudodiploria strigosa , Dendrogyra cylindrus, Montastraea/Orbicella franksi, M. annularis, M. faveolata, Montastraea cavernosa) for spawning activity. Overall it was a great year for Caribbean coral spawning.
For detailed information on location, spawning times, and environmental conditions, log into google docs and follow this link:

Please email me ( if you have any corrections or additional spawning observations. You can also join us on the “coral spawning research” facebook page for real time accounts of coral spawning events.

Nicole D. Fogarty, PhD
Assistant Professor
Nova Southeastern University
Oceanographic Center
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