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Florida is under threat from the risky new oil and gas extraction process known as acid fracking. Fracking would put Florida’s fragile water supply and the health of our citizens at risk. The good news is that we’re making progress toward stopping this dangerous practice, and that’s why we need your help to keep up the momentum.

Thousands of Floridians are calling for a statewide ban on fracking. Sign the petition and join them today.

Gov. Rick Scott’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) hid Hughes Co.’s illegal fracking in the Everglades from the public for months, and to this day has failed to disclose exactly what happened, citing industry “trade secrets”. And the Florida DEP’s initial punishment amounted to only a $25,000 slap on the wrist fine.

Despite the Scott administration’s weak response to illegal fracking, public outcry has turned the tide. Last week, the DEP, after increased pressure from concerned Floridians and conservation groups, finally revoked all of the Hughes Co.’s drilling permits. And although Hughes may still face further action from the DEP, some lawmakers have begun pushing for tougher regulations on the oil and gas industry, including a statewide ban on fracking.

Act now to stop fracking in Florida: please sign our petition so we can build on our momentum and keep Florida frack-free.

The Hughes Co.’s pullout of the Everglades amounts to only a partial victory for Floridians. The threat fracking poses to Florida’s future remains, especially while Gov. Rick Scott is in office. Given its location in the heart of the Everglades and endangered Panther country, as well as the potential to contaminate South Florida’s drinking water supply, Hughes’ permit should never have been approved.

The only sensible way to protect Florida from the dangers of oil and gas fracking is to ban the practice, period. Please take a moment and sign the petition right now so we can stop fracking in Florida.

For a frack-free future,

Mark and the Progress Florida team

P.S. Big kudos to all the organizations leading the way on this fight, including Preserve Our Paradise, Stonecrab Alliance and the Conservancy of Southwest Florida!

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