Michael Blades

Michael Blades was an integral part of the Reef Relief team for many years.  Michael began as a volunteer back in the 90’s.  After a short stint away from Key West, he returned and joined the team full time as Project Coordinator and then Project Manager.  Michael’s easy going personality was perfect for all the community organizing, education and outreach he did.  Multi-tasking to participate in special events, organize programs, manage the membership rolls for Reef Relief and direct office operations,  Michael skillfully achieved all this in addition to selecting and training interns, volunteers and new staff members.  Michael always enjoyed going to the DEMA Dive Shows and setting up at Parrothead Conventions in Key West.  But it was the day to day hard work that I most appreciated about Michael and the fact that I could ALWAYS depend upon him to be there!  Thanks so much Michael.



*Michael and Kathy Blades today.

* Laura Urian, Reef Relief Board Member Wendy Weir, world renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle, Michael Blades

*  Then Mayor Wilhemina Harvey, Michael Blades and Craig and DeeVon receiving an Honorary Conch Certificates.

* Intern Victoria Tenbroke, Michael Blades, Store Manager Celia Stearns (how Hutchins), and Reef Ball Queen Coordinator Nadene Grossman.

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