Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson recently resigned as president of Reef Relief after a long and honorable career protecting coral reefs at the state level, in addition to his consideration contributions as Chairman of the Board of Reef Relief for over 8 years. Among his many achievements for Reef Relief was passage of a ban on feeding fish that helps protects sharks, a regulation on the use of shallow injection wells in the Florida Keys and efforts to promote advanced wastewater treatment throughout the Florida Keys. Our chant of AWT NOW was heard from Key West to Key Largo. Paul was instrumental in passage of state legislation to phase out ocean outfalls near coral reefs in South Florida in 2009.

Paul Johnson is a current steering committee member of the Florida Ocean and Coastal Coalition that has mobilized statewide environmental organizations in a cohesive effort to increase protection for fragile marine waters of the Sunshine State. The Coalition’s Report Card annually ranks state efforts in key areas based on a Blueprint for Action document that set environmental goals for the state three years ago.

This good work is but a small part of his extensive experience in government, education and record of achievements that has led to broad respect for this statewide leader in conservation. Thanks Paul–for all your good work on behalf of Reef Relief.

It was a pleasure to work with you. Craig and I are glad you are still hanging in there!  Paul is an independent consultant who lives in Crawfordville, Florida, near Tallahassee.  To reach him, email



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